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Begin your new career in just ten months.
You can begin your new career in just ten months.  We offer both full and part-time options.  We provide you with evening or day courses when available or a combination of both to meet your individual needs. You can schedule your own student clinic hours at a time convenient to you.
Call us today at 801-292-8515 and we will assist you in creating a schedule that will fit your lifestyle and responsibilities.

Winter Session        January 4–March 12
Spring Session            March 14—May 20
Summer Session        May 23—July 29
Mid-Summer Session         August 1 – October 7
Fall Session           October 10-December 16
Day Classes        9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Night Classes        6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

College Student
As a prospective students we need you to submit the following items.

  •  Application form along with the following materials.
  •  Your driver’s license.
  •  Your high school or college transcripts or GED score report.
  •  $100 registration fee made payable to Renaissance College
  •  You will need to have an interview with a member of our Enrollment team.
  •  Complete a financial planning form.

Tuition and Expenses:
• Tuition is $11,450 excluding a massage table, oils, books.
• You will receive an iPad during your time at Renaissance, and it will be yours upon completion of the program.
• We provide your CPR certification class.
• Renaissance will also pay for your first National Exam.