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Benefits of Massage After Giving Birth

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When is it safe to get a massage after giving birth?

The rapid changes that the postpartum woman experiences can be expedited and supported with massage after giving birth. Massage can be given both immediately after birth, to encourage complete expulsion of the placenta; and on an ongoing basis to help ease backaches, stress, fatigue, headaches and postpartum depression.

Effects of Labor: Immediately after the placenta is delivered, postpartum recovery begins.…

NEW! Medical Massage Program starts September 21

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Our new Medical Massage Program starts Saturday September 21 beginning at 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.   Below is valuable information regarding the program.  Please call 801-292-8515 today to save your seat.   Thank you.

Medical students and professor with skeletonMedical Massage: What is it and how do you advance your career by working with the medical profession?

Physicians are now making changes in the treatment of their patients with the use of Medical Massage Therapy.  Keep reading to learn how you can expand your practice to include this new opportunity to work directly with physicians and in medical settings.…