Dealing With Holiday Stress Using Massage Therapy

Dealing With Holiday Stress Using Massage Therapy

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Dealing With Holiday Stress Using Massage Therapy

Dealing With Holiday Stress Using Massage Therapy is the smart thing to do. The holiday season can be delightful- and stressful! There is so much to do, between the shopping, endless holiday parties, traveling and entertaining family and friends. It is no wonder that so many people feel overwhelmed as the holidays approach. It is important to pace yourself and find ways to relieve some of this tension and stress, so that you can enjoy this special time of year.

During the next few weeks, make an effort to:

Have some quiet time each day. Give yourself a half an hour to just relax and clear your head. Take a bath with some therapeutic bath salts, sit alone in a park or just lay down on the couch. Even a few minutes of doing nothing can help you get your second wind to finish the day.

Make time to exercise. Exercise is one of the best stress relievers you can use. It does not have to be a full workout at the gym; it can be a fast walk or jog around the neighborhood or even the mall. Getting your blood pumping and feel the tension leave your body.

Have a plan. One of the reasons we get stressed during the holidays is that it seems like there is just too much to do in such a short period of time. Being organized and having a plan can help relieve this stress. Write down your to-do list and schedule it out over the next few weeks. Breaking up the tasks into smaller, manageable daily lists can help you visualize how to get it all done.

Schedule a relaxing massage. You need to give yourself some “me” time, even during the chaos of the holidays. Consider it an investment in your sanity. Schedule a Massage and even a facial in the midst of the holiday madness to let yourself unwind and release some of that tension. It is the perfect way to rejuvenate your mind and body when your stress level is at the highest. Schedule your appointment to follow a particularly grueling day to give you incentive to finish everything you have on your list.

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