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Esalen Massage Blog Post June 26, 2013

The sound of the waves provides a soothing background for any massage session at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California. This sound, coupled with the cliffside natural hot springs and the educational community dedicated to explore the “far reaches of human potentiality”, inspires a unique approach to bodywork known worldwide as Esalen® Massage.

The ocean provides a slow-moving rhythm very much akin to the internal rhythms of the body.…


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Blog Post  June 1, 2013
These are some of the things our students are saying about their instructors at Renaissance Massage College.  Come check us out!  Next Term starts August 5, 2013. Call 801-292-8515 to meet with our enrollment director today!

Our Student’s are Saying!
Any school is only as good as its Instructors and an Renaissance Massage College we have the best instructors.
Our students are telling us the following great comments about our instructors.…


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Happy Girl DancingBlog Post  June 15, 2013

The following Blog post is part of an article I wrote after hearing Vicki Christensen speak in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her message is poignant for all of us.  Please enjoy!


Vicki Christenson, owner and founder of Creative Writing and Design, recently shared her model for “making the days count” at a recent In the Flow Marketing meeting.

By utilizing this method, you will get more out of your days and your time.…


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cranial head shotTHE DANCE OF MASSAGE blog post June 7, 2013   Adapted from article “Routines Done Right” (written by Ann Williams) in ABMP Magazine Massage & Bodywork

“Great massage routines are like a beautiful dance.  The famous ballet choreographer George Balanchine often choreographed dance sequences in groups of three.  He felt that the first time an anudience saw a dance sequence, it captured their attention but they did not have time to really see the movement. …

Self Care for Massage Therapists

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3 Massage Therapist Stretches Every Massage Therapist Should Know

Release Your Daily Stress and Tension
Without a doubt, massage therapy is a rewarding and fulfilling job. As therapists, we get to relieve pain and tension in multiple clients daily. With our continued clientele, we see them benefit from our recommendations relating to their self-care and injury prevention. However, we all too frequently forget to pay attention to those warning signs of tension in our own bodies.…

Summer Term Starts May 28, 2013 Come Join Us!

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Master hands-on massage therapy skills  enabling you to work in a variety of health care settings including medical, chiropractic, spas and resorts. Learn valuable communication skills to assist you in changing the lives of your clients.
Classes to teach you ethics and an organized business plan for success enabling you to explore opportunities for employment and self-employment available in your new career.  We offer a 900 hour ABHES accredited program to provide you with the foundation to create a successful and rewarding career as a massage therapist.…

The New Face of Today’s Geriatric Massage Clients

Renaissance College Massage Clients

Baby boomers the giant generation are turning 65+ at the rate of 10,000 per day.  The growing senior  population can provide a steady, specialized client base for massage therapists whether you are just beginning your career or if you are interested in learning a new specialty for your successful practice.
Gone are the days of “the elderly”; we can no longer use that term to apply to everyone older than 65. …

How Does Craniosacral Therapy work?

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Note from the author: I found this article on Cranial Sacral Therapy and how it works. It is written by the author of the book: From My Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy, Kate McKinnon. The article is excellent and I just ordered the book from Amazon for $11.00.
I hope you enjoy the article.

How craniosacral therapy works.

HAVE YOU NOTICED that people with the same diagnosis often have different symptoms, or respond differently to the same treatment?…

Stress Strain Syndrome and How it Affects the Body

Renaissance College Stress

11 Categories of Stress
Stress can be placed in 11 categories — these categories should not be placed in any special order. Their effect on the individual is dependent upon factors such as age, gender and innate energy of that individual.

The Categories Are:

  • Infections
  • Surgery
  • Injury
  • Immunological reactions to drugs
  • Inoculations
  • Allergies
  • Overexertion
  • Strong emotions – death, divorce, loss of a job, etc.
  • Malnutrition — poor diet &/or poor digestion
  • Pregnancy
  • Exposure to extremes – hot or cold
  • Gravity

When stress goes beyond the elastic limits of the body it causes many problems.…