Meeting Your Needs: Choose the “right” Massage School

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Massage therapy is different from many other professions and vocations.  This is a field where you must build a relationship of trust with your clients, be knowledgeable in a wide variety of modalities and have a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology.  The day of the “fluff and buff” one hour Swedish massage are a thing of the past.  Due to the Internet clients are now more  familiar with their own health situations, are knowledgeable about the many choices available to them and have taken the reins of the who, what and why of their own health.…

Massage Therapists-Why Specialize?

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Massage Therapists–Why Specialize?
Blog Post, February 1, 2013

Massage Therapists who specialize in more treatment modalities (kinds of massage) in addition to the traditional Swedish Massage open many doors to increasing their skills, raising income levels and being able to combine various modalities to benefit their clients.

Massage specialists are trained to administer specialized techniques which are designed to enhance the “physical well being” of their clients.  “Physical well being” includes reduced stress and chronic tension. …

Ten Basic Essential Oils

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Ten Basic Essential Oils
Blog Post by Dennis Greenwood, LMT

We need to start with some basic essential oils on our journey to a more natural and healthy lifestyle. There are some oils you really cannot be without! They are the foundation of many aromatherapy experiences.

We are looking for therapeutic value and the ability to deal with a wide range of purposes, and of course………….great aromas! We also want them to be reasonably easy to obtain and understand.…

Medical Massage

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Sports Physiotherapist Treating Male ClientMedical Massage: What is it and how do you advance your career by working with the medical profession?

Physicians are now making changes in the treatment of their patients with the use of Medical Massage Therapy.  Keep reading to learn how you can expand your practice to include this new opportunity to work directly with physicians and in medical settings.
What is Medical Massage?   Medical Massage started gaining popularity  around 1997 when  the term was used to distinguish between “massage for relaxation” and massage designed to bring about a specific outcome for a specific symptom. …

Massage Therapy – One of Top 50 Careers

Renaissance College Massage Careers

(U.S. News & World Report)

Now!  The perfect time to begin your massage therapy career according to a recent study done US News is now.  Massage Therapy is rapidly becoming a career of choice recognized by the

public as a tool for maintaining health and well-being.  US News considered many factors in choosing the top 50 careers—job growth projections from the labor department, job satisfaction, above-average employment growth and careers that do not require extensive graduate level schooling.…