Northern Utah Massage School Teaches Benefits

Northern Utah Massage School Teaches Benefits of Medical Massage

Renaissance College Medical Massage

Northern Utah massage school teaches benefits of all types of massage, including medical.

Northern Utah Massage School Teaches Benefits of Medical Massage: Renaissance College is the place to learn about the healing power of massage.

A few of the benefits of medical massage therapy:

– Chronic pain relief

– Faster recovery rates from auto accidents, surgeries, and other injuries

– Improved circulation

– Stress relief

– Increased range of motion

– Decreased anxiety

– Increased immune function

– Decreased insomnia

– Decreased depression

There are many powerful medications and effective surgeries available today to aid in recovery from disease, illness, and injuries. Medical massage therapy can often be an excellent addition to a doctor’s treatment plan. As a physical modality, it has little to no risk of interaction with other treatments and can provide tremendous relief and resolution of pain. Medical massage may also help when medications are not effective or can’t be used. Another option is to include complimentary therapies such as massage to your individualized wellness and recovery plan.

Conditions that massage can help with:

– Headaches

– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

– Low Back Pain

– Neck Pain

– Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

– Anxiety

– Depression

– Cancer treatment side effects

– Whiplash

– Sports Injuries

– Fatigue

– Edema

– Sciatica

– TMJ disorders