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Clients who have Received a Massage at our Clinic: Testimonials


renaissanceCollegeHikiro“I had a chance to work with LMTs that have graduated from 4-5 different colleges in the past 5 months. I realized how “LUCKY” I was to complete my MT Program at Renaissance College! I feel that our school has a very intimate teaching/learning relationship between Administrators, instructors and students. We are taught very thoroughly, professional and caring attitude in all the programs that are required. Especially, I am thankful for you and your husband for establishing this program based on “Energy work” !!! Having 80 – 85% energy work based massages, our clients can feel the difference. I was told by numerous clients “I have never had a massage like this before!” ” I can feel the Good energy flow!” I think other graduates have experienced something similar to this too. I just wanted to let you know that I am grateful and thankful for what I experienced at Renaissance!!!”

-Hiroko DiScuillo

“My student massage was a better massage than I have ever received at any day spa. She really focused on me. I feel that at the spa they get a little lazy but here at the school they gave 100%. I loved it.”

– Trisha J. Woods Cross, UT

“There are many stress provoking things in life. Every time I come to the school I leave revived and ready to move forward. I have had many massages through the years at the school from students and professionals. The students are great, they know the body and how to work on your problem areas. If you haven’t been to the school before and think you don’t want a massage from a student, you are missing out.”

-Randall S. Kaysville, UT

“This massage helped me realize how important it is to be in tune with my (upcoming) baby and have time just for me.”

– Mandy S.

“I’m really glad I found your school. Best money I’ve ever spent!”

– Chris Moore

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